Farm Tyre

Which brand can provide quality FARM tyre for better performance?

Agricultural customers have a wide variety of vehicles, which are facing many problems in daily farming – especially tyre damage. Potholes, farms and corrugated roads can often cause damage to the tyre, so it is important that customers know which brand tyre can provide better performance.

JK farm tyre:-

Performance, better wear life, and ultimate traction are hallmarks of JK’s new VX-TRACTOR tyre which are come in farm tyre category. JK says it will release more sizes throughout 2019 for various kind of tractors.

Its developers focused first on tyre performance while developing VX-TRACTOR. JK says that he was led to include JK’s patent lug design; the same was used on VT-TRACTOR, which “preserves unprecedented tyre traction under all circumstances”. The test VX-TRACTOR conducted by JK indicates that “it is much less compared to its competitors.”

The casing of VX-TRACTOR is used as a technique that “allows inflation pressures from 0.6 to 2.4 times, which is impeccable to adjust for each operating situation and guarantees that even the heaviest burdens can be conveyed.”