Obtain Complete Advantage of JK Tyre Dealer in Noida

Distributing JK tyre through dealers is a good idea as the brand is one of India’s leading tyre makers. After covering most of India’s tire-1 cities, JK tyre now wants to expand in Noida 2, 3 and 4 area through dealer mode. Thus, despite more than 4000+ JK tyre dealership outlets in India, there is scope for further development and expansion.

Why open a JK Tyre dealership business in Noida?

If you wonder why you should make JK Tyre Dealers, here’s a quick list of quick facts that you can see:

  • JK Tyre is the pioneer of radial tyre technology in the Indian automobile sector.
  • The company produces 35 million tyres annually through their 12 manufacturing units that are available across the country and also has a strong presence outside India.

Take care your JK tyre through our services:-

During the summer your car tyre needs as much care as your other car parts. They take the weight of the car so that tyres are the most important part of the car. Tyre pressure changes in summer because of heat. When you drive, the tyres get hot and the pressure of the air increases. Over-using the tyre without service can cause tyre bursts.

Tips to improve the lifeline of your JK tyre:-

Check Tyre Pressure: Check the pressure on a weekly basis or every time you refuel. Before driving, make sure you have the right tyre pressure in all the tyres and maintain the necessary tyre pressure every time.

Tyre Rotated Routinely: Rotating your tyre can have many advantages because doing this, help to improve the overall performance of your car and you can also improve your tyre life. Rotate your tyre regularly.

Avoid dirt roads: Avoid dirt road during driving that increases the probability of tyre puncture. Dirt road can harsh on your tyre.

Check the Tyre Wear: Check the depth of the tread by inserting a coin between treads. This method helps to analyze wear of the tyre. If one-fourth of your coin is not in the middle of the tread, it’s time to change your car tyre through JK Tyre Dealers In Noida.

Wheel alignment and Balancing: – Wheel alignment and balancing are completely different words, but many of them are confusing this thing. Wheel alignment is the procedure of adjusting angles to make the angle vertically and ensures parallel to each other.

The main purpose of alignment is to achieve the maximum duration of tyres. It helps the vehicle keep straight in their track while driving on road.

Wheel Balancing is to allow tyres and wheels to rotate in the road without any vibrations. Wheel Balancing ensures that all tyres are balanced with wheel load for smooth rotation of each tyre. There is a possibility that the steering wheel will shake slightly if your wheels are not properly balanced for a specific speed.

Choose the right tyre for your vehicle:-

Today in the market will have thousands of types of JK tyre, so choosing the right tyre of JK Company according to your vehicle needs can be challenging.

You can take our expert advice to consider the various tyres those are available at a dealer of JK Tyre In Noida.

How to identify your car tyre size:-

In every tyres have a code system etched into their sidewall, which aids you to understand and can easily analyze their technical capabilities to choose the same tyre of JK Tyre Company.


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