JK Tyres Products

JK Tyre is the creator of Radial Technology in India. It was the first Tyre company to launch passenger car Tyre segment way back in 1977. With an infinite experience and understanding of operating conditions in India, JK Tyre brings you the best technology for your cars & SUVs.Every JK Truck Bus Tyre that is rolled out furthers the legacy of JK Tyre being a dominant player in the  Commercial Vehicle Tyres segment.

Unique of its kind – Jk Ultima Neo

Now buy the tubeless Tyre that has many benefits and is special in its kind. It improves fuel efficiency, low rolling, and long tread pattern and is designed without the tube. Dealers give you best advice whether the Tyre suits your car or not and Jk Ultima Neo if fits your car then this will be the best option for you and no need for confusion. An excellent advanced technology used and its tubeless feature makes it more unique and best. Dealers give you more option because they have the wide range of Tyres and you can choose among them, some of them are:

Tires for Fortuner, Scorpio, Hexa, Nexon, Nano

Excellent durability – it lasts long and saves your money and time.

Speechless stability – stable even during the sharp curves with high speed.


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