JK tyre company to use of the latest technology for the truck, bus, and light commercial vehicles.

Know The Best Commercial Truck And Bus Tyres In Jk Tyres.

Each JK Truck Bus Bias (TBB) Tyre that is taken off advances the inheritance of JK Tyre being a prevailing player in the Indian Commercial Vehicle Tyres portion. World Class plan innovation, predictable assembling quality, and ceaseless advancement consolidate to deliver tyres that address the issues of the most requesting clients in a testing working condition.

As the Indian transport industry turns out to be progressively complex and composed, client desires from Bias tyres have been always expanding, to such an extent that the Truck Bias Technology has needed to constantly rethink itself at regular intervals.

A portion of the highlights of JK TBB tyres are:

  1. Low-Stress Casings to diminish Heat Buildup
  2. More profound Treads for Long Tyre Life
  3. Solid Casing for high Load Carrying Capability
  4. Enhanced Pressure Distribution for Smooth Wear Nature
  5. Re-readability for improved Tyre Life

HASETRI, Asia’s first Tyre and Polymer Research Center, is effectively occupied with cutting-edge tyre testing and polymer research. The Premium Research Center alongside the progressed JK Tech Center quickens the procedure of new item advancement and Bias Tyre Innovation.

In the event that you are a Commercial Vehicle Owner, JK Truck Tyres has an answer for you!