Tubeless Service Point

Experience best tubeless Tire service via our Tubeless Service Point

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The leading branded tires like Bridgestone, Firestone, Continental, Pirelli, Goodyear, Yokohama, JK, and Apollo major Tire are available in our store. These best-branded products make a perfect collection of our store. Here, a customer can take services for their automobile such as Tire fittings, puncture repair for tubeless tires. A well-trained team of technicians provides services promptly.

What is tubeless Tire?

You can easily recognize it by their name that they are Tire without a tube. While we all know that the query arising in our mind is, “how air filling in these Tire and can air held in this Tire without tube”

In these Tires, internal lining is given with helobuty, which is completely airtight. This airtight joint between the Tire and the wheel hold the air.

Is it safer than normal Tires?

The possibility of blowing a Tire or lack of air faster is very rare in a tubeless Tire. Even if attacked through a nail, the rubber of these Tire is made in such a way that they can hold the nail firm, and thus they provide zero or minimal air damage possibility. So you can be assured that the Tire will not burst in normal bad condition.

Can it help in improving fuel efficiency?

The absence of the tube in the Tire reduces the weight of the Tire. Friction between Tire and tub reduce the rolling resistance. And the main point is that the tubeless Tire is lighter than ½ kg. These things make the tubeless Tire low-cost fuel efficiency Tire.